Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blog Issues

Yesterday, a friend forwarded me a reply she had tried to send me on a comment I made on her blog. Apparently, somehow, my email was no longer enabled. Which really annoyed, because I like when bloggers are able to reply to my comments and vice versa. (If you want to learn how to enable your comments check out this blog over at My So Called Chaos.) So I went in and I THINK I fixed idea unless someone tries to reply to one of my comments and then emails me telling me they can't...which is impossible unless they know my email. SIGH. Anyway...I feel awful if people are trying to talk to me and think I'm being rude. I'm not. Promise! :o)

THEN on a whim, I decided to check my gmail account. I don't ever check it. It's not my main email, no one has the address, I just needed the account to use certain pages. It's pretty much ignored, unless I have issues with my yahoo/rocketmail account. (Which happens more frequently than I would like.) ANYWAY....there are a ton of replies to comments. Mostly from March. So somehow, the main email got switched from yahoo to gmail and then turned off? Now I seem doubly rude.

I'm so frustrated. I wonder how many other issues I'm having with blogger that I don't know about yet?

This face? Pretty much how I'm feeling right now about bloggy issues. 
If anyone has any tips. Please share! I'm awful when it comes to being tech savvy.


Miss Angie said...

That always sucks lol-thanks for the shout out, hope you have it all fixed up!

alisha said...

Okay. I'm loving this post. I mean, not your problems, but your way words! I'm curious if you signed up with google+ around the time this happened? I wouldn't put it past google to have changed that when you did. You know I'm a huge google and gmail fan, so my vote is you set up all your emails to come through your gmail and then you'll have everything there together and hopefully won't miss anything anymore. :)

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

It's funny you should mention this issue because I've noticed a couple of other bloggers I've followed for a long time are all of a sudden No Reply Comment bloggers. I wonder if I should email them. They may not know! But I wonder how their settings could change without their being alerted to it (?)

LOVE that adorable photo!