Thursday, March 22, 2012

Something for Me: Simple Shirt

I decided that it really is time that I started making more stuff for myself. Just simple easy stuff, cause that is really all I have time for, but something. I also REALLY need to start using more fabric in my stash.

I found a super easy tutorial for a pretty shirt over at A Beautiful Mess. Then I sorted through my insane amount of fabric and found a yard of pretty, red, patterned cotton that I had purchased with my buddy Alisha of Crandallation. A yard turned out to be the perfect amount to make this super easy and comfy shirt.

Bonus? It looks cute under a cardi. Perfect for Texas winters and springs when the weather can't really figure out what it's doing.

I hope I get a chance to make a couple more of these to bring on our family vacation in May.


Angie's Spot said...

Cute shirt!! I have got to get over my fear of the sewing machine and learn how to use the thing.

maybemej said...

you are looking good. and the shirt is really cute.
Wow.. i saw the photos of you .. you know... before and after photos, in a blogpost you made for a while ago. That´s fantastic. I am impressed (Sorry i don´t know if thats the correct word.. my english is tooooo bad. =) )
Have a great day

alisha said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE this fabric and the shirt! Great job. You look fantastic (which honestly, you always do!)I need to make me some of these! SO CUTE!