Friday, February 17, 2012

Fitness Friday - Week 7

Original Starting Weight: 223
Last Weigh In: 144
Current Weight: 143
Pounds lost since last weight in: 1
Total Pounds Lost: 80

Yesterday I weighed in at 142 and then I had a great day of being able to eat 3 WHOLE meals. They weren't anything to write home about, but they were meals and I didn't have any nasty side effects! I hope I can keep my lost pounds off, but as long as I can eat and work out again I don't care.

It's supposed to be rainy the next couple days so there may not be much of a chance to squeeze in any kind of training for The Color Run on Saturday. I'm going to try and do a couple Walk Away the Pound sessions and then Sunday I'll just run what a can.

We have to pick up our packets on Saturday and I need to make sure we have white shirts. I bought a white t-shirt but now it's supposed to be cold, so I'm thinking I might need to hunt down a long sleeve shirt. Other than that and packing a camera, towels and a change of clothes, I think we are as set as we are going to get.

I am still super excited. It won't be as I imagined, but it will still be amazing and fun. Can't wait to share next week.

In other news:
Kaiser is back home from doggy boarding school. We had an hour with the trainer on Wednesday and I have high hopes that everything will be so much better now. When we were leaving he actually met 3 large dogs in the lobby. I could tell he was DYING to play, but he obeyed the trainer and sat nicely while he was waiting for us to finish up. Our homework is to do a lot of training walks with him around the house. We need to focus on heel, sit and stay. I've also learned the magic of "leave it". We have four classes with a trainer coming up. We totally have to retrain ourselves, which will be lots of work, but we can do it. I'm so happy to have my sweet boy back.

Looks like starting Saturday we'll have mostly sunny days! Which means getting back to walks and runs. Would be nice to get back on track finally!

Hoping everyone has a happy and healthy week!! 

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Angie's Spot said...

I'm glad Kaiser made it back home and is doing well! I can't wait to hear about The Color Run!

Congrats on being back to regular eating. That's fabulous! I made a reward chart and loss chart for myself this week to help keep me motivated. Yay!!