Saturday, April 09, 2011

Fat Ass Friday. Okay fine...SATURDAY - Week 12

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  • Starting Weight: 200
  • Last Weeks Weight: 177
  • Current Weight: 174
  • Weight Loss This Week: 3
  • Total Weight Lost: 26

Don't know WHAT is wrong with me lately. I just can't stay on top of my blog! I'm going to try and place catch up this weekend. Cross your fingers.

YEAH! Three more pounds! SO excited about this. Just ONE more till I hit my pre preggie weight. I have a lot more to go after that, but I can't wait to hit that mark.

The weather has been beautiful this week. A little windy for our walks on some days, but so wonderful.

I got three jogs in this week. I'm now on week 4 and it's totally kicking my butt. The first and second jog I'm okay and the first day I did alright for the third jog. Not so much the second night and I can't for the life of me run the last jog the whole way through. It really irritates. We'll see how my last jog goes. But this time I think I may just repeat it until I get it. My hubby thinks I may be jogging too fast. :o/ When my in-laws come over to visit on Sunday I may drag hubby out to jog with me. So he can show me how fast I'm supposed to be going. Everyone have a healthy week! I'm off to get caught up on my pathetic looking blog!


alisha said...

You are such an inspiration girl! Great job!

Kate said...

Fantastic job!! The weight is falling off, you'll be hitting your target before you know it. Keep it up!

Corinne said...


Brandy@YDK said...

wow you are doing so freakin awesome.