Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Project Life: Week 5

I've decided to go ahead and stop sharing my 2012 album...now that we are coming near the end of 2013.

I previously shared weeks 1-4, so here is week 5! I went with a green and blue theme for the week. 
Forgive the pictures. Cell phone isn't the best, but it was quick and easy :o)
 It was an easy, low activity week for us. Munch had a teeth cleaning and we hung out at home building legos and snuggling our pup. I don't add current events that often in my PL album, but Pope Benedict resigning was worth a mention. 

Page Two:
My husband very kindly gave me a weekend all to myself. He took the boys out to his father's land and I stayed home. I have a spot open for him to journal, but forgot to leave a space for me to talk about the weekend! I might have to find a spot. It was just a wonderful gift to have alone time. I love my family, but I cherish moments I have to myself at home too. I'm so lucky to have a husband that understands that and works with me when I need it. 

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Lisa Johnson said...

What a great spread!
I like the look of the 3 vertical pics at the top & the horizontal journaling cards at the bottom.

That Pope Benedict card is cool...did you make that yourself? :)