Sunday, October 27, 2013

12 Weeks

Today I am 12 weeks along with our third sweet baby. 

We hadn't said a word to them about having another baby...and then at 7 weeks I had a bad morning. Munch decided I was very sick and needed to go to the doctor ASAP. Luckily, my first appointment was scheduled for that day. Munch was horrified during the sono and wanted to know if that was what was "going to make Mama dead". Poor sweet kiddo. Both boys were completely dumbfounded when we told them, that Mama was fine and we were going to have another baby. A million and one questions followed. They love looking at pictures of the baby's development every week and are fascinated by the size. 

I had this plan in my head that we would keep it a secret until I was out of the first trimester. Munch and Nox had totally different ideas. They announced it to my mother shortly after my confirmation sono and then started telling perfect strangers. So we did a surprise announcement at Munch's Halloween Birthday Party, a couple weeks ago. It worked out brilliantly. I love seeing everyone's faces when they realized exactly what my shirt meant. 
I am insanely tired, but not terribly sick which is awesome. 

We heard the baby's heartbeat the other day. The doctor made sure that the boys got a good listen. I WISH I had gotten a picture of their jaws dropping. That sound is so wonderful and reassuring, might hit my top 10 list of sounds I love. I'm pretty sure the boys liked it almost as much as I did. 


Sonya said...

Congrats! Love that shirt!

Kayla said...

I LOVE that shirt and it is an awesome way to have told about your pregnancy! I am so glad that Munch and Nox are so happy about the new baby.

Nirupama said...

Such a fun way to share your exciting news! I feel like that first trimester tiredness is lasting the whole nine months this time. We are expecting our third too :)

Karen M. Peterson said...


That shirt is such a cute way to make the announcement!

Melanie Britt said...

Oh my goodness, that shirt is tooo cute. You look great!