Friday, March 25, 2011

Fat Ass Friday - Week 10

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Starting Weight: 200
Last Weeks Weight: 178
Current Weight: 178
Weight Loss This Week: 0
Total Weight Lost: 22

Sweet...exactly where I was last week. Love these plateaus. I haven't given up though. Just need to push past it. I made sure to bump up my protien intake and it worked! I'm not as hungry as I was, still hungry, but at least not starving.

I felt super sick on Tuesday and I missed one of my running days this week, cause we went over to my mother's. I actually considered doing week 2 of C25K over. Then I realized how silly that was (at the last second, I was on my way out the door) and I sucked it up and did Week 3 Day 1. It seems crazy, but it actually seemed easier than all of Week 2 was.

I saw the tutorial for this sign over at WhipperBerry. Don't know if I'll make it, but I love the quote. It's just something I need to remember.

Speaking of excuses; I've got zero as to why my blog hasn't had any posts in a week. Pathetic. I PROMISE to be better this week.

Finally got another recipe page together!! My hubby likes to cook up this meal in double batches, cause it's SO yummy. Here is the recipe and nutritional info my hubby entered on Spark People: HERE. And here is my page: Created using: Blog Freebie Template 8.4.2010 by Jennamy and Wimsy kit by Three Paper Peonies

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy weekend!


Kate said...

I'm super impressed and jealous that you run. Keep up the good work, you've already lost so much and this plateau will pass. Best wishes!!

Corinne said...

Awesome job on doing week 3 of couch25k

Cassie J said...

Love the recipe page!! Saw it on SP will have to add it to my recipe book and give it a try if your DH loves it enough to double batch it maybe mine will like it too.

Good job on C25K training! Hang in there the needle will move.

Melissa said...

Good job on the running. The weight will come off.

Brandy@YDK said...

it's still better than a gain. I'm already scared of my next weigh-in. lol.

and i didn't think week 3 was that bad but week 4 sucks. lol.

cute page!

Heather said...

You're awesome - you inspire me!

I'm still trying to get back to pre-pregnancy weight... but I don't think the body will snap back to the shape I used to be in. :) Oh well. My kids are absolutely worth it.

Make sure you're taking lots of pics - they will make you feel really good some day!

alisha said...

YOU ROCK! You have no clue! That excuse sign was something I desperately needed to see. When I was working out everyday and eating right, that was totally my attitude. And as life got in the way and I've slacked off, I've totally lost that. I'm making myself that sign. May start off as a paper taped to the fridge and front door, but I'm making it my motto and want it around for a reminder when I'm thinking of slacking. (And, hopefully this won't jinx in, but my left leg is starting to get predictable... I haven't tested it out yet, but lately it is only hurting when I'm standing for several hours straight. Walking hasn't been a problem. Not about to dare to try and run though. I'd like to get back to walking daily and not risk more injury because I decide to test it on a tiny run! Time to start walking!)