Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Cars and Cowboys

Finished a couple things for the boys this weekend. Munch and I both LOVE the car fabric I got at Ikea, so I had to make him a shirt.
Here he is doing his best dinosaur "ROAR!" (He can say Stegasaurus now. The dino below isn't one, but he know which one is! I'm so proud.)
Then I made some cute cowboy pants for Nox.
I cut them a little while ago when he was still in 3-6 month so they are a tiny bit short. I made the waist big enough to grow into so I may lengthen them later...or not they are flannel and it will soon be too warm to wear them.
You can't see them in this picture cause he's chewing on his orange ball, but that adorable smile now includes a pair of bottom teeth :o)
In other news: Craft Cherry is now on Facebook. I created the page and then discovered that while I enjoy creating for others and I love writing this blog I do not like self promoting. It's like I don't feel worthy of being liked or something. Anyway, I would love it if you liked me.


t said...

Super cute!


Brandy@YDK said...

i love that shirt - so cute!! my imagination is going wild.

and you are awesome.

alisha said...

You ARE awesome! Very cute stuff. Almost as cute as the boys wearing them! I can't believe how big Lennox is now!

Angie's Spot said...

Well, I liked you already, but now I like you on Facebook too. :-)

And isn't IKEA fantastic?! I've heard rumor that they might build one close to my city. Crossing fingers that it happens!