Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

As I was playing with my new laptop yesterday, I was wishing for a mouse...completely unlike the cute little guys below, but I thought they were cute. "Friends" is available at Badbird's Etsy Shop.
She's got a ton of beautiful prints as well as some fantastic embroidery patterns. Also, her blog is fun to explore.

After fooling around on Etsy, I decided that I needed to give my mouse a
chance and try my first digi page on a laptop. I made it simple, but it seems to have worked out. We may be friends yet, despite minor arguments.
Created using Goodmorning Kit by Maya de Groot


~holly said...

good job! i, too, wished for a mouse when i first got my laptop. but now, i wouldn't even know what to do with one!!! love my laptop!

seekyogicstyle said...

You are pregnant?! Congratulations and you look so cute!

alisha said...

Okay... I really must have had a very realistic dream because I swear I already commented on this also!!! I guess it's running in the family right now. This morning Rob asked me where I put his jury summons... I check the mail every day, he hasn't gotten one. But he was convinced that I handed him one from the stack of mail this week!

It definitely takes some getting used too. But we are planning on getting about mouse for Rob's laptop too. You look so adorable! Another great digi page!