Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Good-bye February and Wish List Wednesday

I think I'm slightly in denial. I cannot believe it's already March! Two months have already FLOWN by.
Created using Owl Luv U 4ever by Emily Powers
And this week on Wish List Wednesday...I wish I could knit, because I would make a few of these for baby Lennox. Just for pictures and maybe for cold winter nights, but mostly just for pictures.
Just in case you are lucky enough to know how to knit, the pattern is available at All You Need is Love. Feel free to make one for me too ;o)


Danielle said...

Ooooh that is so cute! I hope that some knitter makes this for you because it is too precious for words.

Rob said...

That is ADORABLE!!!

Sonia Kim said...

perhaps the knitting fairy will leave on at your door one day! hahaha

Cassie J said...

Ohh love the knitting baby snuggle!!! It doesn't look that difficult bet Alisha could teach you, or better yet make it for you. Love the paper on your digi page. Man I want to learn how to digiscrap! One fine day I tell ya!