Monday, March 01, 2010

My Boys Monday

I always seem to have trouble finding boy stuff. Whether it be fun stuff in stores or cool crafts. So many things are geared towards girls. Entire stores and books are dedicated to them.
It was wonderful when Made by Rae and Made decided to do a Celebrate the Boy month for February. There were some great guest bloggers that shared their amazing boy crafts, plus some great tutorials. I really was inspired.
Now that I know I'm expecting boy #2 I've decided that I will dedicate Mondays to them. Hopefully I can keep it up. It might not always be a completed project. I might add a project I found and would love to complete or great boy treasure I found to purchase somewhere.
Here is my first list of stuff I would like to complete for my boys.

1. Bandana Pants
2. Superhero Cape
3. Robot Goody/Tooth Pillow
4. Tie Shirt
5. 90 Minute Shirt
6. Paratrooper Softie

1 comment:

alisha said...

Love it! I really must do the paratrooper!