Thursday, January 09, 2014

Currently 1.9.2014

Watching: Dexter and rewatching the Doctor Who series (new) for the millionth time. The boys have really gotten into it, and I really love that.

Reading: Actually, nothing at the moment. I usually read before bed, but lately...I've been too tired. I've been thinking about starting some Neil Gaiman though or the second book in the Hunger Games Series.

Making: Trying to finish up my 2013 Project Life Album, get started on my 2014 album and THEN I plan on starting some serious work on the nursery. Lots of projects planned.

Feeling: Sleepy and nauseous again. I had a few weeks of feeling okay, but this week we appear to be back on with a couple side effects of pregnancy. Otherwise, pretty well. Silas is kicking more and more each day, my favorite part of pregnancy is feeling them move.

 Right now, Silas is about the size of a Spaghetti Squash. 

Planning: 2014 - Rukristin Papercrafts posted a blog about how she doesn't make resolutions for the new year, she has INTENTIONS....and I love that. You never know what life will throw at this year, I'm making a list of INTENTIONS I have.

Loving: the quiet laziness that comes directly after Christmas in our house. Just resting and playing...not worrying about where we have to be and when.

I hope everyone is having a great start to 2014 and that your holidays were fantastic!


Nirupama said...

You are glowing. Isn't it funny how random the fruits and vegetables are?
I'm trying to get caught up on PL too, good luck! How fun that your boys like doctor who, would love to get my kids into it :)

Art @ Home said...

You are pretty pregnant. :D
I thought of you the other day…did you know that HL had all the Project Life stuff on sale?

alisha said...

Those pics of you are adorable! You are such a gorgeous lady!

Love the idea of Intentions. I've been saying Goals so far this year. Think I will switch that to Intentions!