Friday, December 20, 2013

Five Days Until Christmas

Wow, this month somehow has flown by....and as usual chaos reigns. Between being iced in and getting sick, there is still a LOT to do. I know somehow it will work out, but man it's going to be a stressful few days. 

We have checked some stuff off our list though. 
We visited Santa:

We wrote him a couple letters:

 Munch wants a red bike and more Legos. He circled every kit that was $100 plus in his catalog. :o/

Nox spent the whole day saying he wanted presents to share....we got to Santa and all of a sudden he wanted a GUN! Also, a "great green present".

We went to The Gaylord and saw Ice:
Which we all enjoyed until I dropped my camera and broke my kit lens. Thankfully, Santa got me a new lens and got it to me early, so I can take pictures of our Christmases with family. 

We had our very first fire when we were iced in. 
Seriously, the first in almost TEN years of living together. 

Now, if I can get us all feeling better, finish shopping and clean before Tuesday...this month will have turned out pretty well. 

REALLY looking forward to seeing my little sister this weekend. So happy she'll be home for the holidays!

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Arianna Cooper said...

Oh my goodness!! The boys look so cute in all these pictures! Especially the one from ICE! Obsessed!!