Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Project Life: Week 44

This week I'm sharing Halloween week! Munch has already decided he wants to be Frankenstein this year :o) 

For week 44 I went with blacks and purples as my theme colors. 

page one:
This week we attempted to get over being sick before trick or treating and tried a new cupcake place...purely because it had Gigi (aka my mother) in the name. I love how my little Halloween filler card came out. Just one sticker from my hoard on top of a midnight card. 

insert one:
Halloween!! The one upside to trick or treating in a neighborhood not known for trick or treating? People have an excess of candy...and the boys got a TON of extras. I loved the my skeleton and devil boys. They were so freaking cute. Even if the devil did seem to bother some people. 

insert two:
These are all from a playground John used to go to all the time as a kid. Some of his class mates remember it being built. It's old and needs some repairs, but we had it all to ourselves and had so much fun. 

page two:
We started going to a Mommy and Me group. Which the boys loved. Our city puts on a free festival/concert every year and we went. SO SO much fun. John decided to start growing....something for Movember. 

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Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Oh I love Halloween, I am excited to do those PL pages again. Got some super cute cards from Doodlebug Design and I'm itching to use 'em!

You don't think of skeletons and devils as being cute, but I have to say...yours are adorable! Score for them on the extra candy!

This fall I hope to got a MOPS group that a church by me is starting up. I want to try and find some more things for me to do with the little guy while big sister is off at school.

alisha said...

Oh these are all so cute! Love the black and purple. And Movember!!! Where's that park at? Looks like one we used to go to with the girls when we first moved out here. Usually we were the only ones there.

Lisa Johnson said...

I love your Halloween spread! What a great idea to just add stickers from your stash to a card. I'll have to try that sometime.

I also really like those pretty flowers in the bottom left hand corner of week 44! :)