Monday, August 26, 2013

Belated Shutter-Bug Sunday: Animal Edition

This weeks theme was animals and I was all set to get some good pictures of my four furbabies. Then I was in my back yard and a dragonfly landed on my butterfly bush. (My dead butterfly bush, I have trouble letting go.) He was still there when I ran back out from getting my camera and let me get a shot of him.
Taken with my Nikon D50.

Next week our theme in landscapes.


Kayla said...

I love the Dragonfly!

alisha said...

Oh my word that picture is amazing!!! I've been so bad about forgetting this link up! I started to a few weeks ago on the Macro challenge, but discovered that my little point and shoot doesn't have a macro mode. It does have one that I can kind of tinker with but I never found the chance to try it out... Ugh. Animal edition is right up my alley! Must post this week!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Those colors are so gorgeous!

alisha said...

Dang it!!!! I missed it again! UGH! I just remembered and hopped on here, but I missed it again! Horrible friend. :(