Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Welcome Home Wednesday: Kitchen Before

When we were originally looking at homes online, I skipped over this one.
One of the reasons were these cabinets. The color threw me off.  
 I still don't like it. The maroon seems an odd color for cabinets...possibly a good color for a barn though. The walls are sort of a creamy yellow. It is actually kind of a pretty color, but not my style and just painted really badly....and recently we discovered that it's the EXACT same yellow as the house AND the master bath....AND the color that our dining room was. (Is it just me that thinks that is bizarre?)
 It's possible that the microwave and oven were original to the house...I think that's the last time the oven had been cleaned too.
 The dishwasher was pretty old too and the rust stains at the base told of a leak...
 I love the granite counter tops and the huge sink with the beautiful window overlooking the deck outside. At our last house I was looking at an old air conditioner while I did the dishes.
The fridge was missing parts, so we planned on replacing it with my mother's old fridge. When that didn't work we went ahead and replaced all the old appliances with new white ones. 
Above is the set up the previous owners had. That's a curtain chilling out in the middle of the window, held up by a shower curtain rod and a bunch of strings looped through hooks around the window. I have no idea what was going on there. The window does get some insane morning sun, so we will need to put blinds up.

To Do:
Replace Appliances
Repair problem with cabinet wall housing the Dishwasher (VERY soon I hope)
HOPEFULLY repaint cabinets - (I was leaning towards a light gray, but our bedroom is gray and so is our dining room...opinions?)
Paint walls - really depends on if we CAN repaint the cabinets
Purchase and hang blinds in window
Repair/replace light fixtures
Ultimately I would like a new backsplash, but that probably won't be anytime soon.

I really hope we are able to focus on this area soon...I love this kitchen, but really have yet to make it mine. 


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I can't waIt to see your new kitchen. Hey, I just got this in my inbox this morning, and it's a great process for painting kitchen cabinets. Cut and paste this:

It's from BH&G, and I think you'll enjoy looking at this.


Nirupama said...

Redoing a kitchen is not easy, good for you for taking it on. At least the countertops look great. I would lean toward something neutral and light. Maybe a nice light grey or antique white?

Brewed Together said...

Can't wait to see after photos of the kitchen. It will definitely feel great to make it your own! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

chris said...

What a fun project to take on! You'll make it fantastic. Good luck. :)