Friday, April 05, 2013

FAF 2013: Week 14

Starting Weight: 165

I am trying VERY hard not to be completely furious with myself. It's not working out so well. Just a warning, this post will probably be mostly me venting. 

I should be proud. I have kept 58 pounds off. 

I'm not...cause I've gained 20...and I have been struggling so hard to keep the motivation to get that weight off again. 

What's killing me is I don't have any idea why I can't keep that motivation. 

I was so happy with where I was 20 pounds ago. I loved how I looked in clothes, I loved how much energy I had, I loved how fit I was. There is NO REASON for me not to fight to get back there. 

I haven't run since the Firefly Run two weeks ago. 

I DID get new running shoes! But...haven't tried them...mostly because of the weather and I won't be using them during The Color Run tomorrow, because I don't want my new shoes drowned in the rainbow right after they come out of the box. So yeah...I'm thinking Monday. Monday I will run again and there will be other workouts, yoga, strength WILL happen. 

It seems like we somehow haven't gotten a GOOD grocery trip in two weeks. So we haven't been cooking that many decent meals...which means no left overs...which is NOT good. 

Okay, I need some good stuff in this post:
Got new shoes...YAY!! They are light and comfy and I can't wait to test them out. 
The Color Run is tomorrow and the weather is supposed to be AMAZING. Double YAY!! 
John bought me a white tutu for the run. How awesome is he? 
Meal plan pretty much completely organized for the next two weeks!! 
It's lovely out today, so when John gets home, the pup and I are heading out for a nice walk. 

2013 miles as of last week: 117.59
Miles logged this week: 2.92
Total Miles: 120.51


Kayla said...

You can do this! We all get these down times.... When spring finally Springs! I think we will all have more motivation,

alisha said...

You've got this girl. I am living proof of what CAN happen when that motivation disappears. But you have kept so much of the weight off. You have got this. Unfortunately, sometimes, even when we have all the proof and reason in the world TO be motivated, our motivation can't seem to be found. Just keep going. Don't fall like I did! Fight through it and you won't gain more back and before you know it you WILL lose more! LOVE YOU! (and really miss you! Dreamed last night that the two of us were taking a weekend together- just the two of us!)