Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Project Life: Week 18

Not as caught up as I would like, but it's December and I'm enjoying that. Slowly working on my album...Just showing off one week today.

Week 18:
Page 1:
 Not a ton went on this week. I declared May the Month of Me...and then shut down most activity for the week. We did make some awesome stuffed shells that I made a recipe card, I went through my sneakers (is four pairs of running shoes too much?), caterpillars invaded my garden AND one of my best girls came into town so we got a group together for drinks. Probably too many drinks, but we all had a blast. Really miss her.
Page 2:
When I realized that week 1 completely fit on one page, I kinda panicked, because that did not fit with my plan...and once I actually make a plan I don't react well if I have to change it...so yeah...usually I try not to make plans. ANYWAY...I found a notebook that I had written a few random May notes in. Munch was very concerned with getting big. He wanted to get BIGGER so he could play football and win a trophy. He also wanted to get SO big...so his little brother couldn't catch up. Nox started saying  "TOO!" instead of "I love you, too." He also was saying "Up, HIGH!" when he wanted to be picked up.  
Hoping I can get more caught up this week. I was on a roll for a while...just need to get there again.
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Lisa Johnson said...

I ♥ how you used Design E to incorporate those cute notes. Especially about your son wanting to get bigger so he can play football! That will be so fun to look back on years from now when he is playing football! :)

stephanievarno said...

Great layouts! I love the recipe card! Sounds yummy!

Nirupama said...

Very cool pages. Sticking to the plan worked out for some bonus creativity it seems :)

Pink Ronnie said...

That is really sweet about getting SO big that his little brother wouldn't catch up... We're a bit like that over there too.
Ronnie xo