Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Project Life: Week 17

Got completely sidetracked last week and didn't get a post up, but I'm slightly more organized this week! I decided to post week 17 all on it's own. It's the week my little sister got married, so a pretty big week!

week 17:
page one:
 Pretty relaxed beginning of the week. Hung out with the kiddos and then on Thursday my mother had family and a couple close friends over for a pre-wedding dinner and some gift opening. It was such a nice and intimate evening.
second side with inserts

I used the tall envelope pages from Becky Higgins for the wedding invitation, programs, menu and all the other memorabilia I collected at the wedding. LOVE these envelopes...seriously ingenious.
 It's driving me a little nuts that I can't get these to sit in the correct order in this post, but whatever. On the right is the rehearsal and dinner. On the left are photos of us getting ready...most of which I hijacked from various friends of my sister since I didn't take my camera with me to get ready.
page two:
Eventually, I plan on making myself a photo book of the actual wedding, so I decided against having several inserts. It was SO hard to choosing which pictures to use. Then I went with CVS for the photos and they turned out so dark...so yeah...I may reprint with Shutterfly. Maybe not...we'll see, I guess.
I have several weeks of photos finished that just need to be journaled, then I need to tackle the rest of our family vacation. Which will also be in a book, but I'm still struggling with. How do you handle big events and vacations in Project Life?
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Laurel said...

I really must get some of those tall envelope pages. You used them well here! I've struggled with how to handle big trips and PL too. One time I just added in several inserts and called it done. For another trip I did a mini book using Ali Edward's Scrapbooking on the Road method, and that turned out to be really fun and a nice complement to the content I'd included for that week in PL.

Lisa Johnson said...

I like how you included the black and white striped paper behind some of the photos to give the page a cohesive look.

I always struggle w/ how to pair down how many pictures to print and include. But it looks like you got a good sampling of pics!

Chantel Klassen said...

I really like how you included the wedding in your PL. I find that personally a few inserts are what works for me for big events. I know if I had an envelope page I wouldn't ever pull the stuff out of there to look at (that's just me, call me lazy I guess) so I like the insert idea. Turning pages is so much easier.

Pink Ronnie said...

Love the wedding photos - wow, so many bridesmaids! Your sister looks stunning in that bottom left hand photo. I find that selecting photos to go into the album is the hardest part too!
Ronnie xo

Arianna Cooper said...

This looks amazing! I can't wait to see it in person! xoxo