Monday, September 17, 2012

The Dallas Flea

This Saturday we headed to South Side on Lamar for The Dallas Flea.

There were a ton of vendors selling vintage and beautiful handmade items.
 (can you spot the Munchman scoping out the wares?)
Munch was soon searching for an exit though. Maybe crafts and vintage treasures aren't his thing. Hmmm...
South Side on Lamar is a pretty narrow space and not the easiest to navigate with a stroller and two kids. While trying to look at all the wonderful items, I was reminded why I don't generally like to bring the kiddos along on these adventures.
I did get a couple goodies though.
Kayla of Cole Paper Co. was there and I purchased an L print for the boys art wall in their hallway and a pretty postcard with a Audrey Hepburn quote.
She was also advertising some beautiful personalized Christmas cards. I might have to see if she can do something similar that I could frame and have up year round.

 Then I saw some amazing pumps at Jarma. I don't have anywhere to wear them...but I couldn't pass them up.
Love them.
I have a million things on my wish list now...hopefully I'll be able to purchase a couple at The Dallas Flea December event on December, 1st. 
If ya want to read more about the event this past Saturday, check out my sister's blog Lavender and Pink. She got some amazing shots and wrote up some great reviews on some of the vendors that were there!

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Arianna Cooper said...

Thanks for the shout out to Lavender + Pink! Seriously love your new green pumps - so cute!