Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Project Life: Weeks 2 and 3

I had this plan, to be organized this week and credit some of the wonderful people that helped me with weeks 2 and 3. I've downloaded some wonderful Project Life templates and printables that have been a great help. Sadly, my laptop decided that it was done holding a charge on Sunday and is now visiting a service center somewhere until it can be fixed. On it is a majority of the Project Life stuff I have collected and all the info I need to give credit where credit is due. So PLEASE forgive me.
I'm also working on our ancient and extremely slow desktop. I can't edit my photos like I want to and a lot of my pictures are still on my laptop. So staying on top of things for the next couple weeks may prove challenging.

Week 2: Page 1

 Week 2: Page 2

I've started working on a 4x6 cook book and Project Life is actually pretty perfect for keeping myself on track for this project. As I make the recipe, I take pictures and create the recipe card. Then print two copies. One for Project Life and the other for my cookbook.

Week 3: Page 1

I've had the quote below pinned on my Motivation and Inspiration Board forever and thought this would be a perfect quote to doodle around and join up with a milestone picture of me after losing 79 pounds.

Week 3: Page 2

Not sure if the photos are dark or if it's the computer, but hopefully you can see the pictures alright. I know that I got some of my templates on these pages from Catherine over at Design Editor. She has some really fantastic freebies, but I find her whole blog very inspiring. Hopefully, I'll have my computer back next week sometime...crossing fingers. 

I'll be linking this blog up to Project Life Tuesday (even though it's Wednesday) over at The Mom Creative.
The Mom Creative


Jessica B said...

Don't you hate computer problems! Enjoy seeing your spreads!

Nirupama said...

Your pages are great! Love the doodling and quotes, it adds such a personalized look!

Jen T said...

Love your layouts! Also love the cookbook idea. That is cool! Love the Jedie picture!

nita said...

a good start for a beautiful project: go for it- it is worth all the work! :)

Kelli @ WhimsiKel said...

I hate computer problems! Good for you for sticking with it on the clunky desktop; that's usually when I give up for a few weeks. :) And congratulations on fitting into your goal dress!! That's such a great accomplishment!