Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Confessional

I confess:
That I know perfectly well, that I have been an AWFUL blogger for the past few months. Most of the time I feel a little guilty...sometimes...not so much.
I confess:
That one of the HUGE reasons I haven't been a great blogger is because I haven't been crafting...cause I'm tired and a little uninspired.
I confess:
That I'm maybe a little tired of blogging about JUST crafty stuff that I do...cause that's not all that I am. I started a blog Wade Through Our Home and Life when we moved into our home and I'm seriously considering doing an update on it today and making it my new main blog. Craft Cherry will be kept active, for my crafty stuff...but I want to branch out a little.
I confess:
This is my first time joining up with the Friday Confessional and part of me did it JUST to get the above out of my system. Which I suppose is the point right?
And finally I confess:
That I am super excited for the summer to end. I am looking forward to cooler days and long walks with my kiddos and cool runs and playing outside.


Caroline said...

Welcome to friday confessing! I'm a fairly new blogger - couple of months. I am also looking forward to cooler days. Summer has never been my favorite season, and this one will not be missed! Have a great weekend!

Aubrey S. said...

Don't you feel better now that you've confessed? Welcome to the party. I'm really looking forward to fall, too.

Have a fabulous weekend!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I can't *wait* for the cold front that supposed to roll through here tonight - bring it on!

P.S Being tired and uninspired always go hand in hand for me :)

Pink Ronnie said...

I can totally empathise to that feeling of not feeling inspired and hence not blogging.

Look forward to reading along and following your journey, whether it's through this blog or your other one!

Ronnie xo