Monday, January 23, 2012

My Boys Monday: Gifts from Alexander Girl

For Christmas the boys each got a handmade item from my father's girlfriend.

Munch got these adorbale blue cord overalls. Usually he's not a fan of overalls, but he LOVES these. They are really well made and look super comfy. Of course no overalls are complete without your pirate gear!

Nox got this adorable shirt that she drew his name onto. She made a shirt like this for Munch last year, so I was really excited when Nox got one too. This isn't a great picture of the shirt, but it's beach themed and super cute. 

If you are looking for some fun shirts she also has a store on etsy: Alexander Girl.

She doesn't sell these items in it, but she has some great reverse applique. I'm kinda partial to this Texas tee.


Joy said...

Ooh, those are cute! I'll check out her Etsy shop.

Angie's Spot said...

Cute stuff! I just adore handmade items. :-)

RookieMom Whitney said...

First of all, you look frickin' amazing in that dress. I was shocked to read on and learn that you were new to that body shape. I would have just thought you were a skinny lady.

Second, I am obsessed with anything that has a state on it. I want a huge print of the shape of California for my home and then smaller ones for the other states we've lived in. The Texas shirt is, as we say in Northern California, "hecka cute."