Friday, January 27, 2012

Fitness Friday - Week 4

Original Starting Weight: 223
Last Weigh In: 144
Current Weight: 147
Pounds GAINED since last weight in: 3
Total Pounds Lost: 76
Saturday I got in my week 6, 20 minute run. It was wonderful.
Sunday and Monday I got some gardening in...
Tuesday I took the boys and the pup for a walk...and my whole week took a really bad turn.
Kaiser is a sweet dog. He LOVES people. He adores playing and going for walks and runs. And he is fantastic at cuddling. However, he is NOT a huge fan of other dogs. Especially ones that are running loose.
I made the a turn down the WRONG street. There were two dogs that we saw running around free. No owner in site. I crossed the street and they were fine staying on the opposite side from us, although they did follow us...putting Kaiser on to FULL alert. We were passing a driveway when a corgi came running out and Kaiser just reacted. Badly. Then I reacted STUPIDLY. I tried to break things up and got bit. Not sure by which dog, but I'm almost positive it wasn't Kaiser. Cause Kaiser got a vice like grip on the corgi and would NOT let go. It took two guys (including the corgi's owner) to pull Kaiser off. Thankfully, the corgi was fine. I don't know how, but Kaiser didn't hurt her.
One of my biggest pet peeves is people completely ignoring leash laws. Even worse if you just let your dog out your front door cause they need to potty and then forget all about them. I don't care how tame or friendly you think they are. Stuff happens. If you care about your pup you would have them on a leash or let them out into a fenced area. My control is limited to my strength and the length of Kaiser's leash. Ugh...nightmare. Kaiser will be going to training for his dog related aggression issues. I wish the other owner could go to training on how to be a better owner. finger is okay. Hurts like hell, but it's still there, even though Munch will tell you "A dog ate it." I had to have a tetanus shot...which still feels awful. The Dr. wouldn't give me stitches on Tuesday, but I go back today to see if it's healing the way it should. If not, then stitches it is. It looks like it's doing okay though.
Badly injured finger means no yoga, heavy rain means no running. Badly injured finger also means medication..which means I can't drink. And after the pain and stress of getting bitten while breaking up a dog fight I feel like I deserve a few drinks. I drowned my misery in junk food instead. I know, I know, AWFUL. If the weather were better and the meds didn't make me dizzy I may have gone for a run to clear my head and de-stress. Alas that was not meant to be.
It looks like we will be rain free next week, so I hope to get some outdoor workouts in soon. Even if they are just some good walks.

At least I had an adventure! I'm looking forward to a MUCH happier and healthier week.

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Angie's Spot said...

Oh my! I'm so sorry to hear about the dog bite, but really glad that things are getting better. Irresponsible pet owners irritate the crap out of me. We've got some of those in my neighborhood too and it drives my German Shepherd crazy when he sees those dogs roaming out our front windows. I hope this coming week is better and that you're finger heals quickly!