Friday, January 20, 2012

Fitness Friday - Week 3

Original Starting Weight: 223
Last Weigh In: 146
Current Weight: 144
Pounds lost since last weight in: 2
Total Pounds Lost: 79
The weather has been awesome this week for getting runs and walks in. I haven't gotten up to jogging the whole time again, but I did find a great 5k route. I'm going to work on that a couple times a week and then do an easier jog once a week. The easy jog will be with my sister, although she is catching me up quickly on c25k so it won't be easy for long! She is in NYC this weekend, so I don't have a jogging buddy. :o(
On Wednesday I was going through my closet and I found an old dress I stole out of my sister's donate pile. Honestly I NEVER EVER thought this dress would fit. I was so excited that it did, even if I don't have anywhere to wear it and it has a coffee stain down the front of it.
Our new recipe this week is for a turkey mushroom swiss burger. Super yummy.
 credits: National Scrapbook Day
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For the original recipe w/nutritional facts please visit SparkPeople: HERE.
Have a happy and healthy week!


Angie's Spot said...

Cute dress! I can't wait to get back into some things that I've written off for permanent removal from my closet. And I wish my neighborhood wasn't so hilly because it would be great for running. Of course, my hubby insists that if I can handle our neighborhood route, then any race should be a piece of cake. Gotta love that bright side! Have a great week!

Brandy@YDK said...

You look fantastic. You are very inspiring. You've changed your lifestyle and aren't just on a diet

Melissa said...

You look great! I'm sure you could get the stain out of that dress. It would be worth it just to wear it :)

Greyson said...

Way to go, 77 pounds of weight loss is amazing (and inspiring). Love the dress! I saw your name highlighted on the Design Mom tea collection giveaway. Our daughters middle name is Cerise (I love that name) and out of curiosity, decided to explore! Glad I stopped in! Good Luck with the running! I have the thought of running in my head. Think I'll try to put it out in reality!

Joy said...

You look fantastic Cerise! I love how you changed your lifestyle for a healthier you. I think I may need to start doing the same. ;)