Friday, September 30, 2011

Fat Ass Friday - Week 33

Original Starting Weight: 223
Post Preggie Starting Weight: 200
Last Weigh In: 148
Current Weight: 146
Pounds Lost This Week: 2
Total Pounds Lost: 77

Holding steady, which I am happy about. Feeling better, happy about that too. Weather may finally STAY under 100....phew.

Wednesday I tried to jog...a little over half way through my heart felt like it was just going to pound out of my chest. For a minute I tried to ignore it...then I realized that I didn't really want to die on the side of the I listened and stopped jogging to walk. I jogged on and off the rest of the way and felt fine when I got home, but I guess my body wasn't quite ready to go the distance after being sick.

It was a glorious day today. In the 80s, sunny, breezy....seriously fantastic. We took an extra long walk. Loved it.

Next week I'll jog some more. Start with a 1 mile and move up from there. Hopefully my body will cooperate.

Have a happy and healthy week!!


Fiona said...

Running/jogging is hard work so go at your own pace. The other day we got Wii Fit and I had a go at the free jogging. I kept going for the whole 10 mins and was so proud!

Kerri said...

way to go! I can't run to save my life haha

alisha said...

Thank you for listening to your body. And for putting this out there for others to see. We all need to mind our bodies, and not beat ourselves up if sometimes they say they aren't up for what we're used to.