Friday, February 11, 2011

Fat Ass Friday - Week 4

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Starting weight: 200
Last week's weight: 188
Current weight: 186
Weight lost this week: 2
Total weight lost: 14

I am seriously not sure how I've managed to continue to lose weight. I really haven't been able to work out, cause the weather is ridiculous and there isn't a DVD player in this house that works...not complaining though, love losing weight! :o) Just wish I could work's strange, but I actually miss it.

Thankfully I had Nox, that could lead in some great yoga...This week we enjoyed another Pizza Bake, except with green peppers, onion and mushrooms instead of meat. It was scrumpcious. I seriously think pizza is going to become a new staple in this house...hopefully not too much of one. I would HATE to get tired of it, but while we are on the subject, what's your favorite pizza?

On Wednesday we made one of my favorite cold weather meals: Split Pea and Ham Soup (original recipe: here). I know you are thinking, "That's disgusting!" But I promise (cross my heart) that it's not, it's super yum. AND it's super easy AND it freezes well, so it's perfect to take to work!

Here's the nutritional info:
Calories: 118.6
Total Fat: 2.0 g
Cholesterol: 15.9 mg
Sodium: 828.2 mg
Total Carbs: 14.5 g
Dietary Fiber: 5.1 g
Protein: 11.1 g

And here's my page!

Split Pea and Ham Soup - Night Owl kit by Steadfast and Immovable

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm hoping the weather forecast was right about the pretty weather on the way.


Brandy@YDK said...

you are doing so awesome!!! and the picture is adorable.

Angie's Spot said...

Congrats on the 2lbs gone!

I love cheese, cheese and more cheese on my pizza. Yum!!

I'm going to try and get my act together and do a FAF post this week. I need to dust off my Wii. LOL!

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

this is a super cute recipe page! I love the little owl!