Monday, December 28, 2009

Pick a Scarf

For Christmas I made my sister's boyfriend Mark a pick bag. Which apparently was a wonderful idea because he's always losing his picks. The electric guitar is from a kit by Sublime Stitching.
To make the bag I used a tutorial for a snack bag by i have to say.

I also played with a new pattern I found and made this scarf for my father's girlfriend.
I PROMISE it was cleaned after my handsome pup modeled. I couldn't get the kid to stay still long enough or keep the scarf on long enough.

More to come later...provided I can find the pictures that I thought I took!


alisha said...

LOVE that pick bag! I need to embroider that guitar on a cute bag for my sister! And totally love the scarf! Kaiser is such a great model! Who would have thought?!

Cassie J said...

You are a busy crafting girl! What an awesome idea on the pick bag and love the embrodiery pattern and colors you chose. BUT your model wearing the scarf steals the show on this post, how precious!!!!

tigger said...

That is perfect! So funny that the dog tolerated the scarf longer than the kid. I think I'd have to get a mannequin. No one around here is still long enough to model stuff.LOL