Friday, December 25, 2009

Cupcakes for Lunch

My sister requested a lunch bag for her to bring to work. So I made these cuties using a tutorial by The Purl Bee. It was SO super easy to make them and they would totally make adorable gift bags!
Alice with her Eat Me Cupcake was designed by Cate Anevski.
I also made this bag based using a tutorial by The Long Thread. I found the embroidery pattern on Flickr and it was created by Jacque Davis.
Arianna really likes case you hadn't guessed. She loved her all her bags.


alisha said...

Oh my word! Those are SEW adorable!!!! Great job!

BTW... Since you/John, and my sister want magazine bowls, I vote we actually get together for a craft night in the near future.

Cassie J said...

OMGoodness those are so cute. Your embrodiery is really well done. I want to stitch these up myself they are so cute. What a wonderful idea and gift!!!!

~holly said...

awesome job! those are so cute.

this is to you and my sister--stop talking about the craft night and DO IT! ;o)

JacqueLynn said...

The lunch bags turned out GREAT. You did a wonderful job of stitching the cupcakes I drew. Love it to pieces!
Best Regards,
Jacque Davis