Monday, November 02, 2009


I made this frame in August for my hubby's birthday...and am only now getting around to posting it.

The caterpillar is Munch's little 9 month toes. Got this idea searching around for thumb print art and thankfully found some toe art too. It's super hard getting a 9 month old to cooperate with you when you are trying to paint his fingers and use them as stamps. Toes were much more fun and a lot more ticklish!
Here are some places to find more ideas:
Thumb Print Zoo
Ed Emberley (You can also check out his books at the library!)
Shoreway 77



alisha said...

I've seen this in person and it is SO adorable! I need to do a big something with all my kids toes!!! LOVE IT! And I'll definitely be checking out those links as well.

I wonder why Holly's blog is not showing when you post something new on your blog? It's really annoying me!

The Persimmon Perch said...

That is a really cute frame. I love the toe idea. We might have to do something like that for Christmas!

~holly said...

k, this is the best! love love love it. so cute!