Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Note on Crafting-A-Long and Wish List Wednesday

In case you missed the comment from Holly here it is:

"...a craft-a-long is where we make a project together. someone is the "leader" and post a set of instructions periodically--could be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, daily, or sporadically. "

Alisha and I kinda talked about it and decided that maybe we could start in January. We had mentioned doing one per month. The host could list the project on the 1st of the month and then it would be due on the last day of the month...the host could list a link to all the splendid completed projects then as well.

We also mentioned maybe doing a theme a month ahead. So for January we would do a Valentine type craft. February would be St. Patrick's and so on.
I was also playing around with the idea of having a kids craft-a-long every month too. Mostly because I love this one for Valentine's Day.

Anyway, that concludes my spill on Crafting-A-Long. Would love if we could do this. The more people the better!
And now for my Wish List Wednesday portion.
Kaiser needs a new doggie tag and I just love this one from Make Your Dog Smile.
Of course if he gets a new tag he should also get a new collar.
This one is from K-nine Couture and they also make leashes to match!


alisha said...

Definitely want to do the craft-a-long. Also- I am SO in for a kids one! That is so cute!

~holly said...

i am so excited. i am in in in. for the kids one too. that's CUTE.