Sunday, August 30, 2015

And Then Nox Turned Five

My sweet and crazy Nox turned 5 today.  

He has the best crooked smile, which I realized the other day is almost exactly the same as my sister's smile. He just lights up a room.
 He loves Spidey and adores R2-D2. He's a Lego addict and will talk Mixels with anyone who listens, even if you don't listen. 
His favorite snack is "Rock Carrots" aka raw carrots and he'll down gallons of lemonade if you let him.
He loves to sing and I could listen to him all day. 
 He is a roller coaster. A crazy ball of ginger and freckles. He is stubborn and smart and impossible and amazing. 
And he's mine.
Happy Birthday, Nox! We love you. 

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