Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Our Wild Rumpus of a Halloween

A little while ago I got the opportunity to be a pattern tester for Jess of Running With Scissors. She has a wonderful pattern: Woodland Animals and I was lucky enough to test the wolf for her. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to put together and her instructions are clear and easy to follow. I can't wait to try out the bear and fox that are also included in the pattern.

Munch is REALLY into Where the Wild Things Are right now. It's one of our staples at bedtime, so of course I HAD to turn the wolf costume into Max. Instead of adding the buttons and whiskers that Max has I decided instead to sew up a felt crown. Munch thought it was fantastic.
 After putting so much work into Munch's awesome costume I realized I had nothing for Nox. The idea of creating a Wild Thing really scared me at first. I don't consider myself a seasoned master of the sewing machine, but in the end I had to. After all, what is Max without "Carol" by his side?

 It took me the better part of a weekend to figure out how to create this costume, but in the end it was pretty easy. I took the Woodland Animals pattern and basically removed the bottom half. I kept the zipper, though in hind sight it probably wasn't needed. I cut stripes out of brown flannel and sewed them onto the main gold fabric, then drew up a pattern for Carol's horns. For an added Wild Thing touch I added a pair of felt claws.
After that I grabbed my trusty Made by Rae: Big Butt Baby Pants pattern and created Carol's legs. I had a black fabric pen on hand and drew all the scales.

 I ended up with a pretty fantastic little Wild Thing!

The boys really loved their costumes and really got into character for the hundreds of photos I took.
Thanks Jess for letting me test your awesome pattern! It made me much braver with my sewing machine and I can't wait till next Halloween! I hope everyone had a great one!


Jessica said...

They both turned out so great, and I LOVE your Carol costume, so creative and turned out so cute. What a great pair together! THanks for testing the pattern and I'm glad to see you had such great results!

Brandy@YDK said...

it is totally totally totally awesome. you did such a great job. and those boys look adorable.

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I have never attempted to sew costumes before and I know why - they would NEVER turn out this cute.


Pretend Fancy said...

Those are the cutest little costumes ever! And I just wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on remodelaholics!

Katherine said...

How precious, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Where the Wild Things Are. The book. I've yet to see the movie.

alisha said...

And you said you couldn't come up with these things on your own! Look that that Carol costume!!! You did fantastic! I love them both! And the boys look completely adorable in them!