Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fat Ass Friday - Week 28

Original Starting Weight: 223
Post Preggie Starting Weight: 200
Last Weeks Weigh In: 152
Current Weight: 150
Pounds Lost This Week: 2
Total Pounds Lost: 73

Whoo Hoo! I'm super excited about this! Only 15 pounds to go until I hit my goal weight!

I decided to switch up my jogging a little this week. And did a 5k in intervals of walking and then quick jogging...which is still slow, but I beat my normal time by a couple minutes. I really just didn't feel like jogging the whole way, but I wanted to do something. It actually felt really good and I think I'll add it to my routine.

I'm going out with my sister today to try on her official choice of bridesmaid dress. I'm REALLY hoping I can zip it up all the way. Would be even better if they had to pin it tighter. I think that I could ride that high all month. Not getting my hopes up though, seriously, I will just be super happy if I can just zip it...those dresses are made so small.

Thought I would share my favorite pin of the week :o) Keep believing and anything is possible! Have a great and healthy week!


Melissa said...

Yea!!! Good for you hitting that mark. Can't wait to see you in the dress.

Brandy@YDK said...

You are a weight-losin rockstar!

Miss Angie said...

You are doing SOOOOO well! Go you chica!

alisha said...

Can't wait to find out how it went! LOVE the quote too! You ROCK!