Friday, July 15, 2011

Fat Ass Friday - Week 25

Original Starting Weight: 223
Post Preggie Starting Weight: 200
Last Weeks Weigh In: 160
Current Weight: 156
Pounds Lost This Week: 4
Total Pounds Lost: 67

Phew! That gain last week must have been water weight or something...or my scale is just evil. Which I really wouldn't be surprised about. Whatever it was, it has passed now...AND I lost a bonus pound Whoo Hooo!!

Austin was awesome. We had a great time with friends and I tried not to stuff my face.

Monday I jogged 26 minutes straight! A personal best! Got some more cardio in, every day, but today. I was supposed to do my 5k but we went out to eat and then drove around and looked at houses instead.

It's funny looking at houses now. The thing I was almost the most concerned with was the street lights for my night jogs...that and how close the houses were to the long walking trail I take the boys on in cooler weather. I'm sure my priorities will change a little once we actually go INSIDE them.

Have a happy and healthy week!!


Zookeeper Jess said...

4 lbs! Wow that is awesome! Keep up the great work!

Renegades said...

Awesome job keep it up!!!!

alisha said...

Great job! House hunting though. :( Not ready for that yet. I've heard it will be longer than originally expected though?