Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cowboys, A Hippo and a Squirrel

These have all been sitting nicely in my dining room, pinned and ready to be sewn for weeks. I finally sat down and finished them last week.
Munch, checking his new shirt for any flaws:
Apparently Mama did okay. :o)
Of course I had to complete one for Nox too!
The smaller picture is an applique I put on the back; Munch's shirt has the same thing.
My mother-in-law bought a TON of these little snap t-shirts when I had Munch. He didn't wear them all that much, mostly because I thought little white t-shirts were a little boring, even if they are practical. Also it was a little cooler in October than it is in August.
ANYWAY...I decided to spruce them up a little.
Below is an acorn squirrel using a template I found at The Long Thread.
And here the hippo shirt. :o) You may recognize it from the shirt and pants I made Munch. I'm thinking I might make a pair of pants for Nox too.
Not sure how much more I'll get done before Nox gets here...Probably just some cutting and pinning. Would be nice to have some projects ready and waiting to be completed.
In the meantime, check out my new button on the right! Joy at The Small Fry was sweet enough to make it for me as a "baby gift." How sweet is she? Anyway I love it and would be honored if you put it on your site!


alisha said...

They all turned out so great! And I am SUPER jealous of your button! I WANT ONE! I must figure out how to make one, and how to use them. I don't know how to even put yours on my site!

Diane said...

Those are super cute!

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

Thes are sooo cute? Do you have an etsy store. If not you should!