Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big Butt Baby Pants

This week I was given the opportunity to test out a pattern from Made by Rae. I was so excited when I saw that she needed a tester for these pants and in Munch's size too!
I got up early Tuesday morning and in two hours had whipped up Munch's 1st pair of Big Butt Baby Pants. The instructions were fantastic and super easy to follow, plus she has little tip boxes mixed in that are great. :o)
After I finished the pants I had to wait for Munch to wake up....sometimes it's nice that he thinks he's a teenager...other times it's agonizing.
He finally got up and I put the pants on immediately. Had to turn on Sesame Street so the boy would hold still, but once he did it was clear that they fit pretty great.
The pattern is made for cloth diaper babies and we (GASP) use there was a little extra room in the back. Rae suggested folding over the waistband and it fixed the problem immediately. I LOVE these pants. They are so easy to make and they look so freaking cute AND there are just so many options to make them different and fun.
Munch loves them too! He refused to take them off so I could tighten and fix the waistline. I don't really blame him either...they look super comfy!
Made by Rae's pattern for Big Butt Baby Pants is now available here! I still have some nursery stuff to do, but I'm super tempted to just dive into my fabric stash and make another ten pairs of pants!!


Brandy said...

awesome!! they look great.

alisha said...

Love them! As I was reading, I had a feeling they were for cloth diapered babies! My pants pattern was too small in the butt when TJ was in his cloth diapers! But we made them work! Can you believe my son has been out of diapers for nearly a year now?!

Tere said...

I love the Bart fabric! I just ordered this pattern from Rae. How did you fold over the waistline? I hope that is in the instructions. Thanks for sharing! Your boy is gorgeous.

Anything but Bland said...

thanks so much for commenting!! :) I love those pants.. heh, so cute!