Monday, May 17, 2010

My Boys Monday

I just finished Lennox's quilt. It's not perfect, but I think it turned out pretty well. I got the pattern for it at Sew4Home. It was pretty easy to follow and I only had one fight with it. Pretty easy fix though.
The instructions say "Place the ... backing fabric and the finished quilt top right sides together with the batting sandwiched in between. Pin in place through all three layers." I did this and when I went to turn it the batting was on the outside of the quilt :o/ Should have realized this was going to happen, but since I don't really make quilts I was paying more attention to the intructions than my brain.
ANYWAY...I took it apart and did this instead:
Place the backing fabric and the finished quilt top right sides together. Place batting on top of backing fabric and pin in place through all three layers.
The next project for the nursery is curtains. Should be an interesting adventure since I've never made curtains before.


Danielle said...

Great job on Lennox's quilt! I like the fabric color choices. When you don't quilt on a somewhat regular basis the basting portion can be a little tricky to remember but here's a trick I use. Find a place big enough to masking tape your back right side down to the floor and then add your batting with the top right side facing you. That way you don't have to worry about puckers and you have all the layers in the right position.

alisha said...

Love it! Are you sure it's not perfect- cause it looks perfect to me! :) I LOVE those fabrics! Did you tell me you bought them online?

BTW... I've done that mess up before too!

Can't wait to see the curtains!

Cassie J said...

The quilt looks great. The fabric is so cute. Cool tip from Danielle, never heard of that before. And like Alisha I have made that same mistake before a well. Must be a beginner tradition?

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

I wanted to let you know that "backyard play" won. I will be posting it up on June 3rd for free download. Thanks for taking the time to vote at Everyday Mom ideas.

I hopw you like the up coming kit.