Monday, May 10, 2010

My Boys Monday

A week or so ago I was hunting for a t-shirt in my growing stack to make something for Nugget...I was thinking bib or maybe fun diaper cover. Didn't find the right shirt for that project, but Munch did find something. He found Daddy's old Superman shirt and decided to run around the house with, I HAD to make a cape for him! I used this tutorial at Altered Art Junkies. It took about 5 minutes to make and about a week to get decent pictures.
It's hard to get the little man who is faster than a speeding bullet on camera!!
Superman, disguised as a record
Superman saves kittens!
This week I'm hoping to finish Nugget's quilt. Crossing fingers!!


alisha said...

Seriously, that is so stinking adorable! TJ hasn't had his cape out in a while. I'll be getting it back out for him today!

Brandy said...

i agree. totally cute!