Monday, August 25, 2008

Go Stars!

I finally finished Lyndon's Stars blanket. I only took it apart 3 times...and it's a lot bigger than I meant it to be....but I guess that means he'll just get to use it for a while. Kinda makes a good throw blanket actually. Don't mind the messy house in the background.

And heres a picture with the outfit John picked out.


alisha said...

WOW! That blanket turned out AWESOME!!! He would look so cute wearing that outfit and wrapped up in that blanket at a game!!! Really, WOW. That is one impressive blanket! Looks so complicated too... Very very cool!

~holly said...

so cool. you have some super duper patience. and talent!!!!

Aunt Dawn said...

That had to take a long time. You did a great job. I'm sure Lyndon will love it when he gets old enough to appreciate it!