Sunday, August 17, 2008

Belly Pics

Alisha asked if I was taking pictures of my belly so I thought I would share one of my digi-pages. I do all my pages using Adobe Photoshop and the free kits I find. This particular one is done using:
Grow Tag - Mary Mary Quite Contrary - Two Peas in a Bucket
Background and all other embelishments - Blossom Kit by Art Nation

I might start posting more pages in between actual crafts...after all it is a form of crafting...kinda.


alisha said...

How cute! I so wish I had taken a belly pic each month. And on all 3 pregnancies too! And I really must get into scrapbooking!! Very very cute!

~holly said...

i love it! i totally took LOTS of belly pics and i need to scrapbook them. so do you actually print them out and put them in a book?

Dawn said...

Finally, I get to see some of your scrapbooking. I love these digital pages. I really should start doing some of that. You inspire me!