Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Happy at Three

Happy turned three last week. THREE. 

This kiddo has matured so much in just the past few months. 

In Gymnastics he is no longer the example of worst behavior and instead the shining example of the correct way to do flips on Bar. 

It is getting easier to reason with him, which makes life a whole lot easier.  

We were discussing what we wanted to be at dinner the other night and Happy (who is usually uninvolved in discussions) told us that he wanted to be a fireman. 

He loves dinosaurs, puzzles, his vintage fisher price town, playing hide and seek and his new balance bike. 

He could watch Sarah and Duck, Moana, Mickey, and Rescue Bots on repeat all day and is warming to Sesame Street.

He loves to count and has pretty recently decided that singing is pretty cool too. He loves to dance to the records Daddy plays.

He has a temper like fire, sleeps almost as badly as his Mama, is stubborn and wild and amazing. His smile is brilliant, his eyes sparkle with mischief and his freckles have just started blooming across his cheeks and nose. 

His current favorite phrase is "Mama, are you sure 'bout it?"
I never am, but this is a brilliant adventure we are on.

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