Thursday, January 07, 2016

Checking In With Plans for 2016

Not much has been going on here. We've been living and loving and figuring out routines.

 As is normal for the beginning of January I've been thinking a lot about my goals and plans for the year. 
 I plan to walk, run and be active. I plan to be healthier and stronger.  I plan to love myself more, because my guys deserve a happier Mama and wife.
 I plan to craft more. More sewing, more crocheting, more scrapbooking; but spend less and use what I have.
I plan on blogging more. Sometimes it might just be interesting to me, sometimes not. We'll just see where it goes.
I plan on purging what we don't need, so we can really enjoy what we have. 

So lots of more with a little less mixed in. I hope everyone is having and continues to have a wonderful 2016. 

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Art @ Home said...

I still need to make more goals for the new year. I've been trying my hand at art journaling, and I'm struggling trying to find my "voice."