Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A New Milestone

This week both my big boys started school. 

Munch starting kindergarten on Monday was a super hard milestone for me. Seriously, I lost sleep. 

Munch on the other hand was SO SO SO excited. 
He was giving me a death stare by the end of drop off....apparently I had taken WAY too many pictures...and we weren't leaving fast enough. He LOVES going to school with all the big kids.

Nox started Preschool classes Tuesday. I was less nervous with him because we know the teacher so well. She headed up our Mommy and Me classes, cooking classes and Munch's preschool classes last year. She even taught two of my cousins when they were little. 
Nox ran right into class, put his backpack exactly where it needed to go and sat criss-cross-applesauce on the rug. I don't think I have ever seen him behave so well. 

Nox did the worst with Munch starting school. The first day he threw a fit because the Kindergartners were playing with play-doh...and he wanted some. Today he was mad cause he wanted to drop Munch off and NOT be stuck with Mama and Silas ALL day. He really misses having Munch around. 
I somehow managed not to cry after dropping Munch off and I really thought the hour and a half without Nox would be a little hard. I mean, I'm rarely without three sidekicks these days...BUT Happy kept me on my toes. It's as if he knew that he had Mama ALL to himself. 

I've been rolling out of bed around 5 to start my days...and I don't think that will get any easier as time passes. I know that watching my sweet boys grow up will never get any easier, but I love seeing who they are becoming. 


Karen M. Peterson said...

I can understand how that would be really nerve-wracking, but what an exciting adventure for both boys!

The Edwardsesesesss said...

I love how much they love each other, its wonderful!