Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Two Months

Our happy little man is two months old today.

It always makes me sad when I see how fast my kiddos grow, somehow it's always surprising, but I LOVE watching them develop and learn.

He had his well visit this morning and he is weighing in at 13.7 pounds and 23.3 inches. He was smiling in the hospital before we took him home, but he is smiling SO much more now and he has a sweet chuckle he makes on the cusp of sleep that just tugs at my heart.

He "talks" more each day. Munch and Nox are delighted that he answers back when they come over to smother him. :o) I feel so blessed to have three boys that obviously love each other so much.

We have been working hard on tummy time. Each day he gets stronger and more tolerant of it; although there are times when he just manages to roll onto his side and vetoes his tummy altogether.

He started sleeping 6-7 hours a night this past month, which is more than I get most nights and there have even been a couple mornings I've woken up before him, once I even managed to get up before Nox.
Love it.


Nirupama said...

He is just gorgeous!! There is nothing sweeter than him talking to his big brothers :) a special bond already!

Karen M. Peterson said...

What a beautiful baby boy! I can see why you're over the moon about him!