Friday, April 11, 2014

Currently 4.11.2014

Goodness, it's almost been a MONTH since my last post! I'm still alive and still pregnant, just focused on other things.

Watching: Game of Thrones is back!!
Reading: Between books, but probably about to start another Neil Gaiman.
Listening: To the boys sing Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz. No idea how it started, but they are just a tad obsessed. I need to get video of them singing together. It's pretty adorable.
Making: Erm...nothing, but I keep meaning to sort through some yarn and find something that matches the baby blanket I started a few months ago. Right now it's all yarn from John's maternal grandmother, but I don't have enough to finish and it's old yarn, so no running to the store to pick up more. :o/
Feeling: Exhausted and sore. Totally ready to have little man in my arms rather than in my belly. He's already measuring 6.6 pounds and we still have a month to go. I'm in the nesting phase and probably about to enter the panicked, freak out stage...even though we are pretty much ready for Silas to arrive.
Planning: Artwork for the boys' rooms.
Loving: The weather this week. I haven't been out much in it, because we've had a sick Nox on our hands, but I love throwing the door open and letting the breeze come through. It's gorgeous out.


Nirupama said...

Oh boy, the last month is no fun. Praying for you! I was so excited that GoT was back too.

Art @ Home said...

Bless your heart….. I remember that feeling! I had pre-partum depression rather than postpartum depression. I couldn't WAIT to get the kiddos OUT!

Take care of yourself. So great to hear from you!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm glad things are going okay for you. I hope this last month goes at exactly the right speed for you. ;-)

I really need to finish reading GoT so that I can sit back and enjoy the series!