Saturday, October 22, 2011

FAF Week 34 - 80 Pounds and Counting

Original Starting Weight: 223
Post Preggie Starting Weight: 200
Last Weigh In: 146
Current Weight: 143
Pounds Lost This Week: 3
Total Pounds Lost: 80

I CANNOT believe I have made it this far. CANNOT believe.
Just eight pounds till my goal weight. I'm almost at the end of the tunnel. It's freaking insane.

I've gone from a size 22 to a size 8. I love it.
I'm sure in high school I was this size, but I can't remember it. I for sure wasn't this happy with my size in high school.

I got some cute knee high boots to celebrate.
I need to start focusing a little more on toning, now that I'm so close to my goal. I have PLENTY of time until next summer to build some muscle and look decent in a bathing suit, for the first time ever :o) AND time to get my arms looking good for my one shoulder bridesmaid dress for my little sister's wedding in April.

Have a happy and healthy week!


Kerri said...

WAY TO GO!! those last lbs are nothing!! love the boots!! i was skinny in HS but now i dont remember the feeling either
u look great
u cant leave the FAF lol u have to keep us updated

Brandy@YDK said...

you are seriously a rockstar and always a motivation. whenever i mention FAF i always include your name. and how well you've done.

alisha said...

You look amazing girl! And those boots are fabulous!!! I want some!

I wasn't happy with my HS weight either. Not sure what exactly the weight was, or what size I wore, but I would be SO happy to be there again now!