Monday, December 27, 2010

My Boys Monday - Ornaments

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was pretty stressful, but in the end I think we all had fun. Munch got a little tired of opening presents, (because we have FIVE Christmases) so we still have some sitting under the tree.
During the month I actually managed to fit in one of the crafts from my list on will craft...tomorrow. Both boys "made" ornaments. One each for our tree and three extra sets for the Grandmothers.
Munch's Hand
Nox's Feet
I linked on my other blog, but here is the link again to the tutorial from the inkling network.

After making ornaments Munch insisted on painting...
And Nox was left with some very green feet!
This was such a fun craft to do with the boys and I love having their little paw prints on my tree!

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alisha said...

Totally LOVE! Next year, we should have a paw ornament party! The girls would love to do some bigger ornaments with their hands I bet!