Friday, July 02, 2010

Curtains for Nursery

I finished the curtains for Lennox's nursery today. I decided to be lazy about it and just added fabric to black curtains that I had shortened.

Please forgive the lighting and the "beautiful" view. It's a rainy day and I can't hide the view until the desk is moved.
I totally love how they turned out. Next up...a diaper stacker, which should be interesting, because I'm working off a pattern I created using Lyndon's.


Mindy said...

Love them! :)

alisha said...

Those are AWESOME!!!! I think your shortcut worked out FANTASTIC! Makes me want to make some curtains now!

You'll do fantastic with the diaper stacker!

Cassie J said...

Great job on the curtains! Love the color of paint on the walls goes great with the fabric