Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Boys...Tuesday

I spent all day yesterday editing photos and this is the only decent picture I could find with the t-shirt I did for Munch. Sadly he has a binkie in his mouth...happily we lost it. :o)
I used a hand embroidery pattern of a bicycling bunny that I found at Urban Threads. They have some REALLY awesome patterns in their store and a monthly freebie to try. Makes me desperately want a embroidery machine!
I was planning on doing an outline of the bunny but went with the circle instead so you could see the clouds on the fabric. Made it a lot easier!


alisha said...

Okay, I LOVE this shirt. I really need to start doing some hand embroidery again! That design is GREAT! LOVE IT!

Cassie J said...

Awesome shirt!! I HEART Urban Threads. I look at their designs constantly. I have been working on one of their patterns on a canvas bag for some time now. The fabric is stiff and even with a tapestry needle it is still hard to do so I don't work on it very often.

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

This is soooo cute! I just love that bunny! You are so clever!